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What are our legal rights during unionization?

Council Employees Have the Legal Right To:

  • Join a union.

  • Talk to coworkers about joining a union.

  • Pass out union information and sign up co-workers in non-work areas on non-work time.

  • Join with co-workers to seek better workplace conditions.

It is Against the Law for an Employer To:

  • Interfere with, restrain or coerce workers exercising the above rights, such as by questioning them about their support for the union, using threats or promises to discourage support for the union, or disciplining or firing workers for joining or supporting the union.

  • Carry out workplace retaliation, however extreme or slight, as a result of an employee’s perceived or real involvement in organizing and/or being supportive of a union campaign.

  • Refuse to bargain with the union chosen by its employees.

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