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Get Involved with Your Union!

There is a place for everyone in ALE and a range of important roles that we need members to assume as we defend our first contract and continue to build our union. Email to learn more and get involved!

Stewards: Stewards are the heart of our union, connecting each of the 51 member offices and the Finance Division directly to ALE, empowering staff by ensuring they know their rights, and helping to address workplace issues.


There are now union Stewards in almost two-thirds of member offices, and in the Finance Division! Learn more about the Steward role here and volunteer to become a Steward here

ALE Committees:

  • Solidarity Committee: Help to build partnerships with other unions, and organize ALE members around issues important to the larger labor movement. 

  • Membership Committee: Engage with co-workers and encourage them to join ALE, orient new union members, and help plan membership socials & other community building events. 


We encourage all ALE members to get involved with a union committee. Click here to sign up!

Bylaws: Assist in drafting ALE's internal anti-harassment code, formalizing general election processes, and writing union rules and bylaws.

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