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What is the process of unionization?

Unionizing is not an easy or simple process. There is a long road ahead, and we are just in the beginning of it. At this point we are at step 2, which is to build support amongst our colleagues, and headed for step 3, trying to gain recognition from the Council. How staff do that is through a union card campaign.

A card campaign is where staff in a potential bargaining unit indicate their support to unionize by signing cards. The cards have your name and information on it and a place for signature, which indicates that you agree to be represented by the union.

The organizing committee is currently engaged in this process. The organizing committee consists of a staffer from almost each office of the Council Members and staff from each division of central staff targeted for the bargaining unit. All central staff divisions are welcome to join the union as a division during the card campaign.

A collection of a sizeable number of cards from the potential unit will indicate that Council employees wish to be represented by the ALE unaffiliated staff union. The core organizing committee will then present this indication of majority support to the Council and ask for voluntary recognition. Because of the Speaker’s overall positive position so far in the unionization drives, there is a good chance the Council will accept voluntary recognition. This will allow for a petition to be filed, for eventual union certification. Through this voluntary recognition process, ALE will avoid a lengthy election.

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