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2022 Executive Board Election Results



In October 2022, union members voted for 8 of the 9 members of ALE’s Executive Board (EB), who will serve a two-year term. The new EB will work with our Bargaining Committee to secure the strongest possible contract that reflects the key demands of staff. The contract must be ratified by ALE’s dues-paying membership to take effect.


​The winners of the 2022-2024 ALE Executive Board Election are as follows: 

President - Daniel Kroop
Vice President - Vinuri Ranaweera
Secretary-Treasurer - Jonathan Szott
Recording Secretary - Faiza Azam
Equity Officer - Fernando Andrade
Trustees (3 positions) - Jalissa Quigley, Ben Jacobs, and Courtney Curd

The new term will begin on November 1st.


Voter Guide. Includes the candidates' statements and offers an opportunity for members to learn more about candidates in preparation for their voter outreach.


ALE 2022 General Election Rules and Regulations. All candidates have agreed to abide by these terms.

Complaint Form. You can report any concerns that you may have during this election process. Reporters may choose to remain anonymous or provide contact details to assist the Election Committee with follow up via the complaint form.

Constitution. Includes descriptions of Executive Board member roles.

Candidate Town Hall

The Candidate Town Hall was held via Zoom on Sunday, October 2nd. Members may email nyccouncilunion[at] for a replay of the Town Hall.

Election Committee Leadership


Kristia Winter - Chair

Brandon Jordan - Member

George Cooke - Member

Ruby Benitez - Alternate

Election Notes

ALE’s first EB, which was elected by the membership in November 2021, is serving a one-year term. This was approved last year in order to ensure that the hundreds of new Council staff in this session have the opportunity to select their union leadership in 2022. EB members are welcome to run for re-election. The 9th member of the EB, the Stewards’ Representative, is elected directly by ALE’s Stewards.

2021 Executive Board Election Results

Final Election Results

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