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2022 Bargaining Committee Election Results

Final Election Results

Two-thirds of eligible members voted! Click here to see all the candidates.

The Bargaining Committee members are as follows:


Dan Kroop (President & Chair)

Vinuri Ranaweera (Vice President)

Madhuri Shukla (Equity Officer)

Ben Jacobs (Trustee)

Jalissa Quigley (Trustee)

Chelsea Baytemur (Trustee)

Mike Corbett (CMA)

Kana Ervin (CMA)

Matthew Malloy (CMA)

Alex Liao (CMA)

Andrew Wright (CMA)

Faiza Azam (CMA)

René Castellanos (CMA)

Masis Sarkissian (Finance)

Andrew Wilbur (Finance)



1. Nia Seaton (CMA)

2. Theona Reets (CMA)

3. Robert Aguilar (CMA)

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 12.31.15 PM.png
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