Dear Fellow Council Staffers -


As you know, on November 18, 2019, an organizing committee made up of Council staff began a union card campaign to organize staff around better salaries, a voice in workplace decisions, procedures for workplace disputes, and memorializing wins through the security of a written contract. Since November, many staffers across the Council have signed cards asking the new Association of Legislative Employees (ALE) to represent them in collective bargaining.


UPDATE: We have exciting news to share! After just two months of organizing, Councilmanic Aides, Legislative Financial Analysts, and Senior Legislative Financial Analysts have reached safe majorities in their card collection, and on January 27, 2020, formally requested voluntary recognition from Speaker Corey Johnson. Upon recognition, these titles will mark the first titles to be incorporated into the new City Council staff union, ALE, and will anchor the union. Other titles interested in joining and needing more time to organize will be able to join the union in the future. We have just confirmed that this is the appropriate strategy with our legal counsel. 


As we await recognition and certification, we are very excited for ongoing conversations between staff who share civil service titles and who can also collectively choose to join ALE, when and if you are ready. We are happy to answer questions about the logistics of how you and your co-workers can subsequently join the union. We look forward to further conversations with you and to the continued expansion of the City Council staff union, ALE.


Please feel free to forward this to other staff, and reach out to us if you have any questions or want to discuss next steps. 




The Core Organizing Committee


We are a group of New York City Council staff - both from the Member and Central staff side - who are educating and organizing our colleagues around unionization.

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